Giant Robo, Kikaida, Kamen Rider




Few remaining stock from Japan available here @ Sci-Fi Station

Billiken Lithographed Tin Toys are Japanese characters from the 1960s. The characters all have a large following in Japan and many fans in the U.S.A. Were limited to 2,000 units for each character and have all sold out. Sci-Fi Station has the remaining few. The Prices include postage (US Only).

GIANT ROBO. Animation version. This is the second version of Giant Robo being offered by Billiken and Medicom Toys. The cult classic TV show Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot was produced as a live action show and also as an animation series. This toy is from the animation series.

Item #GR-22. Sci-Fi Station Price: TBD

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KIKAIDA. The Kikaida was a Cyborg-like robot character from a 1960s live action show. One half of his body was exposed electronics and wiring and the other half was covered. During the 1960s and later there were not many Kikaida toys produced. Most of the toys that were produced were either vinyl or plastic. None were made of tin. This one IS!

Item #KIK-23. Sci-Fi Station Price: TBD

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KAMEN RIDER. Kamen Rider was a live action show also produced during the 1960s and beyond. Each new season he would have a different costume and a new name such as V3 or Amazon Rider. Kamen Rider always rode a motorcycle. The toy is a replica of the original character.

Item #KAM-24.Sci-Fi Station Price: TBD

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