JUNE 7th, 2000

Presented at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles for a sold out crowd of over 2,000.

This show preceded the screening of the 1960 classic Science Fiction feature "The Time Machine"

Find out more about George Pal and
the Dreamworks/Warner Bros. remake of "The Time Machine" at Sci-Fi Station

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Watch the Show!

Special guest of honor Jeri Ryan materializes in a flash of light!

Maxwell DeMille escorts Jeri Ryan out of the Time Machine after her journey from the 24th century.

Undaunted by her time travel, Jeri Ryan greets the crowd of over 2000.

A surprise appearance by
George Takei
(Captain Sulu)

Jeri Ryan conducts a panel discussion with
"The Time Machine" star Alan Young,
Arnold Leibovit (Executive Producer of the Dreamworks/Warner Bros. remake of "The Time Machine") and
Sci-Fi historian Forrest J. Ackerman.

Alan Young

Forrest J. Ackerman

Arnold Leibovit

Jeri Ryan poses a question to Alan Young.

Alan Young recalls a story about the making of "The Time Machine"

As "Seven of Nine" on Star Trek Voyager, Jeri Ryan is no stranger to time travel!

The panel discusses the genius of film's director, the great George Pal

Note: The Time Machine replica behind Jeri Ryan was painstakingly created by
Fred Barton Productions.

Jeri Ryan bids a fond farewell as Maxwell DeMille closes the show.
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