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Scenes from The Fantasy Film Worlds Of George Pal

(George) Rod Taylor sets out to explore the future in his invention - Destination 802,701 AD eight thousand centuries ahead! Oscar winner THE TIME MACHINE based on the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic (1959). George Pal will be most remembered for this film.

The fabulous Submarine rising out of the sea approaching it's mother berth from ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT (1960)

Key MGM Artwork from THE TIME MACHINE picturing the time traveller George and the beautiful Eloi woman he meets called Weena (played by newcomer Yvette Mimieux) as they fight for their lives against the Morlocks in their underworld city below the great stone sphinx.

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (1952) Modern day Noah's Ark spaceship blasts off its mile-long takeoff ramp just ahead of the doomed Earth's collision with another planet named Bellus. On board the last survivors of Earth are sent aloft to repopulate a distant world called Zyra. Oscar winning special effects by Gordan Jennings. Based on the novel by Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie.

The dimensionally animated "Jeweled Dragon" created by Wah Chang. "The Singing Bone" fairy tale sequence from THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM - the first story film produced for the widescreen Cinerama process (1962).

A sick spaceman is transported by space taxi from the Earth Shuttle rocket to the Space Wheel in THE CONQUEST OF SPACE (1955). Based on the book by Willy Ley and Chesley Bonestell. The film's technical advisor was Werner Von Braun and was an influence to both Gene Roddenberry and Stanley Kubrick.

The hulking Morlocks from below ready to prey upon the Eloi - a race of childlike people. Morlocks designed by make-up expert William Tuttle who later won the first 'Make-up' category Oscar for George Pal's 7 FACES OF DR. LAO.   

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. The Martian war machines designed by Albert Nozaki move out of the pit and attack a helpless U.S. Army who are completely annihilated. Note the martian machines are protected by an invisible force field bubble. George Pal's classic based on the H.G. Wells novel. Directed by Byron Haskin with Oscar winning special effects by Gordan Jennings. The film is still as powerful today a half century later as it was when it riveted audiences back in 1953. INDEPENDENCE DAY is essentially an updating of this film.

Tony Randall in his tour de force performance playing seven different characters in 7 FACES OF DR. LAO (1964). Based on the book "The Circus of Dr. Lao" by Charles G. Finney.

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